Keep Your CMS Current with Our Latest Release

Features, features, and more features.  Everyone wants more gadgets and plugins.  How can we keep up with it all?  Well, for one thing, we desperately needed a new Installer.  "There were simply too many steps and settings," says lead programmer, Jon Smallwood.  "It was too easy for things to go wrong."  When we moved from NovusCMS version 3 to our current version, 4, a lot of customers felt stress.  We couldn't have that for our next big release.  We want our customers to look forward to new features with excitement.

Stability, Simplicity, Functionality.  The improved installer took aim at Stability and Simplicity.  The next generation NovusCMS will focus on Functionality.  We are adding a bulk of new features to keep our customer's sites modern and fresh; things like the option to add an icon image to navigation link text, latest news teasers, upcoming events.   Of course our recent mini-release of RSS capability and embedded media functionality will be included.  But we're also overhauling our rich text editor to allow more user control over font style and size, "print this page", block quotes, sub/super script, and more.