A CMS with Active Directory Authentication


The plugin allows members of your Active Directory who may not be NovusCMS users to log into NovusCMS if they are part of a group(s) in active directory.  You set up the allowed groups in the NovusCMS web.config file.  When they log in and no user is found within the NovusCMS "users" list, the plugin creates a user with Writer privileges.  Password and email data are transfered from Active Directory.  We have two ideas that need feedback during beta. 

  1. Because the user created by the plugin could not possibly be given a correct start node in NovusCMS, there needs to be a way to manage this admin task.  We are considering an email verification that would be emailed to the NovusCMS Admin.  The email would ask you to log into NovusCMS and "verify" the new user by giving them a start node.  There are probably lots of other ways to handle the start node issue.  We'd love to hear them.
  2. We've also built a new interface to allow you to add users, in mass, by LDAP group.  In this new area you can select a LDAP group, select the users from that group that you want to add to NovusCMS, and the plugin would add them all. There is another plugin that lets you update the emails from Active Directory for your CMS users.