NovusCMS - Web Content Management for the Public Sector


Government and Educational organizations across the country have come under increasing pressure to use technology and the Internet to communicate with their constituencies.  With the abundance of technology solutions available and limited budgets, it seems impossible to find a perfect solution.  The question is how can organizations leverage the power of the Internet without a major investment of time or money?

NovusCMS is the answer.  By utilizing this Content Management System, non-technical staff are able to build and maintain their own web content while maintaining a consistent "look and feel."  NovusCMS is a web-based application that does not require technical skills to use or special hardware or software.

NovusCMS is designed to meet the demand of public organizations to allow staff to manage web site content without technical support.  NovusCMS is a fully scalable solution with no user licensing fees and the power to manage a virtually unlimited number of web sites.

NovusCMS is a solution that will empower both technical and non-technical staff with the ability to create and administer their own websites.  The ability to view and, in some cases, approve content prior to publishing is a core feature.  The solution is user friendly enough to empower even the basic user with the ability to easily create top quality web content. Give our content management system a try.