Online School Enrollment & Registration Software

NovusCMS announces the release of our latest product designed specifically for K-12 Schools.  Enroll 'N Go is our online school registration service that enables parents to securely register their kids for school without standing in line.  The idea is simple:

  • We convert your paper forms to webforms.
  • We collect all the data and make it available for secure download after your school enrollment dates end.
  • Optional reports are available that print out and look just like the originals, but pull data from the online enrollment database.

 The most important feature is the cost.  Enroll 'N Go is free to the school!  Parents pay a small fee for the convenience.

Advantages of online school enrollment:


Dual income parents say they can't afford not to use online school enrollment.  The cost of missed work is far greater than the small fee of enrolling online with Enroll 'N Go.

Schools save money with Enroll 'N Go.  We've done the math and can demonstrate an actual cost savings in dollars and cents.  Try our cost calculater and see for yourself.

Save paper and save a tree.  Reduce your carbon footprint with paperless online enrollment.  Calculate your savings

Parents can register their students in their jammies or on vacation.

School administrators get instant data with Enroll 'N Go reports.